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Without your health, you have nothing. I speak from experience. A focus on holistic healing; working with the bodies natural intelligence and wisdom to facilitate your abundant health and wellness

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Knowledge should be free. I write to educate, inform and inspire. I write every word with passion knowing I'm empowering you to take your life into your own hands

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I'm fortunate enough to have the knowledge and experience to provide individual health and wellness coaching, both in person and online


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Keto Butter Chicken

Butter chicken must be everyone’s favourite curry. Simple recipe and full and deep layers of flavours. Originally served in Delhi and fast spread to the world. A magic and delightful dish to enjoy for sure!

Mini Bun-less Burger

A bun-less burger can never go wrong. Ideal for kids and for those days that you just want something crunchy, soft and delicious in your gut.

Celery Juice

Celery is known to be really powerful to activate your gut, release toxins and heal the body. Think about good digestion and radiant skin. I bet you want to try it now.

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