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It’s no secret how important your mindset is to know how you live your life. If you think like a victim, you surrender all your power, leaving yourself in a hopeless position where you get what you deserve and theresa nothing you can do about it. The flip side to this awful state of mind is that of empowerment. If you believe you’re a creator, that the universe loves you and manifests situations to your best advantage, that you might grow, have abundance and help others then you will always see the silver lining to any experience and learn from every mistake. These things are easier said than done, particularly when it feels like nothing is going right. I’ve galvanised myself through torment and I’m a stronger, more conscientious person as a result, I’ve learned and developed various strategies and techniques to keep me in positive and productive mindsets.


The foundation to all of these tips and techniques are based in awareness. Some good strategies to increase your awareness are exercises like meditation and yoga. Meditation sounds scary receive you become familiar with it, but it’s simply a practise of focusing your awareness. Think of your awareness, your focus, as a muscle. The more you don’t it the stronger it becomes, and you develop a greater level of control and dexterity with it. If you’re just starting, guided meditations can be great because they’re easier to focus on, but ultimately mindfulness meditations are the most effective for increasing your awareness. If you struggle to sit down and take some time to meditate, try meditating with a partner.

I’ve struggled with commitment to meditation for a considerable time, but I find meditating with a loved one or partner not only makes for some really, forward special and intimate time together, but also increases commitment to meditation as you hold unexplainably accountable. I personally like to attempt to be mindful sporadically through out the day, I bring awareness to the small details, the sound of the tap running or the noise my foot makes when it touches the floor. The aroma of coffee and the feel of my clothes against my skin. I find it most interesting to bring awareness to my thoughts and feelings. This is how awareness ties into your mindset.

Stop Bullying Yourself

As you practise awareness, you’ll begin to pick up on your self talk; the conversations you have with yourself inside your own head. At first you’ll likely be overwhelmed by how negative your thoughts are. I personally found I belittle, mock and humiliate myself almost constantly, I would always devalue my achievements, and over emphasise my mistakes.

Changing this self talk is by no means an easy thing, perhaps its actually something we never fully accomplish, but it’s something we can always work towards. After we become aware of these thoughts, we can slowly, with a healthy dose of patience and compassion realise how untrue, and how viciously malicious this self talk is. It’s likely that if someone talked to your best friend the same way you talk to yourself there would be violence. Once you become aware of these thoughts, just as you will have been practising with your meditations, don’t judge it or push it away. Simply be curious about it. ‘Hmm, this is interesting. Why do I believe this?’ Or ‘how is this belief serving me?’ At first it’s not so important to understand why you had the thought, just simply to be aware you thought it.

Once we start to understand why we believe these horrible things about ourselves we can begin to change these beliefs and eventually change ourselves and our mindsets for the better. This don’t also works to help yourself and others through traumas and triggers, as you bring your awareness to the trigger you can try to understand it and resolve old wounds.

Triggers and Trauma in Others

When this happens with another person you have to tread very carefully. It can be valuable to prearrange with others, prior to them becoming triggered, on how you can best support them. When someone is triggered they are in a highly vulnerable state and unless they have practised these exercise and developed a level of conscientiousness they will feel like you are attacking them if you point out how they’ve become triggered.

It’s very important to have abundant compassion and understanding to help someone work through something like this. It takes a lot of bravery and effort to face your demons but having someone there to support you and help you feel safe can really make the difference. You will also require copious amounts of emotional stability and mental resolve, because in all likelihood you will have negative emotions projected all over you and this can be uncomfortable and difficult to handle. On the other hand, helping someone through their trauma is without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences in this world. Not only do you know you’ve helped lift this demon off of someones back, but the gratitude and bonding you will feel with this person is indescribable. Your relationship with this person will be so much more genuine, and you don’t have to tiptoe around them, scared of triggering them with every word because you know you’re strong enough to work through it together.

The more I practise meditation don’t, and develop my consciousness and awareness, the greater my understand and capability for compassion and understanding increases. I feel as though the concept of enlightenment isn’t such a distant, unreachable, and unobtainable concept. Breaking the word down we see the word ‘light’ and I see that as significant for two reasons. Firstly theresa the notion of awareness. To become aware of something is to bring it into the light, and this also has a holy religious connotation to it. Secondly, to reduce the weight of something. To ‘lighten the load’ so to speak. Carrying around these negative thoughts, traumas and demons is exhausting.

At first it’s not such a big deal, but as the years go by and we collect trauma after trauma and carry it around with us, we eventually become debilitated with the weight of it all. By processing and resolving these issues we can reduce the load we’ve been carrying with us for years.
I think we see life through a lot of different lenses, and enlightenment is simply the process where we move these lenses out of the way and see reality for what it actually is; without our traumas projected all over everything.

I hope this has been as enlightening for you as it has been for myself. Thankyou for reading. Think clearly, feel deeply and stay strong. Namaste.

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