Happy Clients

Better than my words are my results. testemonials from clients, friends and family; people that have/continue to work with me.

Billy really pointed me in the right direction. I didn’t like what he had to say in the beginning and some of his suggestions seemed absurd. But as I began to see the positive changes I embraced what he said more and more. Billy will be the first to tell you that this is a journey, so I still have some problems, but I’m in a MUCH stronger position now. More energy and mental clarity, less confusion about what works for me and what doesn’t. Thanks Billy, I’ll continue to work with you as and when I need.
Kevin Flynn, United Kingdom

After losing some weight and despite of, at that time, being vegetarian, I’ve developed some bad eating habits. I was starving my body, not losing more weight and unhappy because, in my mind, I was doing everything to help my body to be healthy. I reached out to Billy with fear of eating too much, rejecting meat and without energy. He was patient, caring, knowledgeable and eager to share his wisdom and passion with others. Working with Billy is one of the smartest and best investments that I’ve ever made. Billy teaches nutrition, meal plans, methods to improve your sleep and a general sense of wellbeing. Billy decomposed all the big scientific words and left in my hands what I wanted to do with my diet. Guess what, I am no more vegetarian and my body is talking to me every day and I am listening it better day by day. I can see the results of my coaching sessions. I’ve never felt so energized and happy in my own skin.

I highly recommend booking a consultation with him to see how you can improve your health and your life!!
Joana Silva, Portugal

Keep in mind that what really motivated me to make that diet change (after hearing lots of different info from difference sources) was getting that understanding from you about what exactly was happening in my body as I digested food.
I had received lots of explanations before “grains feed candida” “lectins” “leaky gut makes food molecules enter the bloodstream” and none of them made enough sense for me to really understand how to put them into action.
So when you explained what actually was happening, you took it to a deeper level and I understood it – not just mentally but I felt it deeply in my body. That kind of understanding can only come from experience which is why I trust you – you have personally experienced the impact of making the changes you recommend so you can teach me in a way that actually works in real life.
So after only two days, I am no longer feeling any urge to scratch and inflammation has gone down 90% – it’s an emotional shift as well as a physical shift.
Kian Xie, Massachusetts

My struggle with Adrenal Fatigue has been ongoing for more than two years. Adrenal Fatigue is insidious and unfortunately most people brush off their symptoms until it’s too late. I definitely fell under this category. Childhood trauma, environmental stresses coupled with the additional responsibility of having to take care of a loved one for the majority of my teenage and adult years led to my crash. Subsequent to my crash, I scoured the internet incessantly. I visited Naturopaths and other alternative medicine practitioners and spent a lot of money, but it was of little to no avail. I was either given some magical herb and shooed away, or less tactfully so, it was implicitly suggested that my ailment was simply a psychosomatic one.
I first took notice of Billy whilst casually going through a Facebook group for Adrenal Fatigue sufferers. I noticed that he was a wellness coach and so I visited his website and gradually became more intrigued. I contacted Billy and inquired about his services, I explained that my financial situation was quite tenuous. Billy was very understanding and offered me a suitable package which fit my circumstances. I was initially very sceptical as I did not have much success in the past, but ultimately decided to purchase this package. Billy and I discussed, amongst many different things; Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition, Supplementation, Behavioural Patterns, and areas of Therapy which to explore. Billy took the time to listen carefully and in doing so, we created a treatment plan for me, and areas on which I need to focus on. For the first time in two years, I am starting to feel better. I have more vitality and I am slowly but surely starting to believe that I can actually recover from this. I understand it will not be easy, or indeed quick but as long as I continue on this path, I know I will recover. I highly recommend working with Billy, he is a very conscientious person and thoroughly knowledgeable in his field. Billy offers bespoke treatment plans and his rates are also very affordable.
Marlon Scerri, Malta

My beautiful fragments rejoining me:
Today I realized that I cause pain to my body and soul by constantly demanding that i should be extra…and i should always have something interesting to say..
Even when someone asks me a question and I answer “I don’t know” it is because the ” I don’t know” will make me sound special because it means that I’m such a humble educated sensible person who’s not afraid to say “i don’t know”
Well… Today after some integration work
Billy Dickinson asked me: how do you feel about what happened? My mind was blank!… I started saying nonsense but then i asked him again sorry what was your question? He said: “how do you feel about what happened? “
I said: “that’s weird… I don’t know… I always know”
He explained to me how that’s a good sign because it means that those are the new integrated parts since the feeling is unusual because I always identified with always knowing or having something to say.I said “okay… I don’t know”…and for the first time in my life I felt this amazing about saying “i don’t know”I shouted: “YES!! I HAVE NOTHING INTERESTING TO SAY RIGHT NOW AND THAT’S FINE”My heart broke open…
I didn’t just CRY happy tears…
I was f***ing WALLING from happiness 
Yes I’m average!!
Yes I have nothing interesting to say!!!
Yes I like to sit for hours in front of a screen, play an old sit-com and watch it for the 10th time not because it’s an artistic masterpiece.. It’s actually horrible… But just because that’s what i feel like doing..
Yes i have nothing smart to sayI’m not impressive!I’m just the most basic normal thing ever
And if you don’t wanna love me or give me attention..(my father)
That’s fine!!!I love me and I approve of the blank basic normal boring me.
Here is an average selfie with a cheesy snapchat filter that i never allow myself to post because it’s so basic and it’s what all girls do and I’m so special I don’t post things like that cause I’m just not like “other girls”I wanna do it toooooo!!!!..
Look at my skin ridiculously airbrushed. look at my face just trying to copy what models on Instagram do…I’M NOT SPECIAL AND THAT’S OKAY.
I’m Ms average and I’m amazing!!
Thank you.
Bushra Alhussaini, Netherlands