HP Manifesto

Health potion was founded with one simple goal: to reduce suffering. There is so much pain and turmoil in this world, so much so that even if we try our best and give it our all suffering is still inevitable. It’s a certainty of life. But that dosent mean we cant try to reduce all of the unnecessary suffering as much as possible, and perhaps make the suffering we will no doubt endure something worth enduring.

Truth and knowledge

For me, without a doubt, knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world, And real knowledge is fundamentally paired with truth. Ofcource, we’re all human and thus fallible and prone to mistakes, but with diligence, flexibility, and a growth mindset the pursuit of truth through knowledge is one of if not the most empowering things you can do with regard to any topic, and particularly to health. Knowledge should be free and HealthPotion reflects that. I only have so much time to write so I have to prioritise what I share, but given time you will have every thing I know explained simply on this website for absolutly NO cost and with NO adverts.

Passion and Purpose

I’m completely willing to admit that HealthPotion is more than a selfless endeavour. I think we all struggle with the reason to be; why are we here and what should I do with my time? I work out of inspiration and I believe inspiration is when you tap into the devine. The flow state for example: expression, productivity and creativity become effortless. You become a conduit of that devine essence and simply channel it into your work – Into the world. HealthPotion is a business opportunity for me and I’m going to take it! It’s not every day career prospects are dropped on your head (through debilitating illness or not) and I’m going to use this opportunity, not only because it’s a good means to an end but because I’m passionate about what I do, how the body works, and how I can reduce the suffering that others endure.

I Care

I do this simply because I care. All the other reasons stand, but if I didnt care, I would not do this. It is not easy. It is a lot of responsibility. I have to sacrifice a lot to do this. I care and ultimately that’s why I founded HealthPotion. The world is changing and I’m here to be the change that we not only want, but desperately need. Namaste everyone.