Health Coaching

Health coaching is a full MOT for your body. We will evaluate previous medical history, any tests or lab results you have, and we will make sure YOU understand them. Self empowerment of one’s illness is essential to recovery, understanding your lab results is essential. Once we understand where we are, we can figure out where we are going. Everyone’s journey towards health is individual and requires tailoring. My fundamental premise is that ‘your body is intelligent’ and with this understanding we can pick apart your symptoms and discover how we provide your body with what it needs to return to balance and health.

A holistic approach means we will be taking an in depth look into:

  • Improving digestion → reduction in bowel symptoms, alignment with disease reversal → more energy, better mood, long term disease reversal
  • Balancing hormones → stable mood, feelings of wellbeing → better decision making, improved sleep and energy
  • Quality sleep → well rested, stronger immunity, faster healing, increased endurance → achieving goals, living your life’s adventure!
  • Diet and nutritional sufficiency → all the physical ingredients for health → finally get your health problems out of the way of your dreams

Where appropriate we will also cover:

  • Toxin exposures + Detoxification
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental patterns and beliefs
  • Supplements

I believe it’s essential that you understand WHY you’re doing what we discuss in our sessions. Your understanding of your health condition is paramount in my mind. Not only does this enable you to develop your inner wisdom and healer, but will also help you adhere to the protocol we develop – you’re much more likely to stick with something if you understand why you’re doing it.

*In cases of severe illnesses, one off sessions may be refused. I will not half commit to your care – it would be immoral and unprofessional of me. If I feel a one hour session will not be enough in your case, we will have to come to another arrangement.

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