Keto Coaching & Weight Loss

My Keto coaching encompasses everything you require to transform your body and health without feeling hungry or unsatisfied. I’m an advocate of keto for health – if you want dirty keto (junk food, ready meals, taking shortcuts) I’m not for you. having lived and studied over the past 5 years, my knowledge about the ketogenic diet is second to none.

This service includes:

  • meal planning → delicious recipes with macros tracked, flexibility and food sensitivities accounted for → effortless meal times, more time to enjoy what you love (friends, family and hobbies)
  • recipes → custom recipes designed around what you want to eat → weight loss that feels effortless and fulfilling.
  • Optimisation of food intake → the secrets to losing weight whilst feeling full → Not just a full belly but full of energy too!
  • Macro tracking and nutritional analysis → adequate nutrition is the foundation of abundant health → More health = less illness
  • Calibration of fasting and feasting windows → 3 simple tricks are often the difference between success and failure here → easily overcoming weight loss plateaus
  • Appropriate exercise → I’m not going to have you running 5 miles a day. Weight loss really has nothing to do with excercise but movement is essential → a weight loss plan you can stick to.
  • Messenger support

We will also work through some other lifestyle factors that play a fundamental role in health and weight loss including sleep and stress management. Dietary supplements may be suggested if required.

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