Self Healing Blueprint Membership

I believe our current healthcare model is flawed, more more so that alternative, but alternative still has it wrong. We need move away from paying people to make us healthy, and understand our bodies own divine intelligence. Any well versed healer will tell you they simply help your body to heal itself, if they claim otherwise, run! They’re not worth your money.

Understanding how to support the body to heal itself, regardless of the sickness, acute or chronic, is absolutely a skill that can be learned, and that’s what I want to teach you.

You don’t have to time to be sick, you have dreams to be fulfilling, family to be loving, and experiences to be living!

This 1 month program is designed to teach you exactly this skill, on every level. Body, mind and spirit talk to you in different ways and we have to start from the ground up.

Starting the first week, we get a little showy so I can show you how this works. I will go through and apply all the techniques I will teach you straight from the start. Speaking the language of the body (symptoms) mind (thoughts) and spirit (emotion) I can discern what your body is telling you, and help you move into alignment with this innate wisdom. Your symptoms, thoughts and emotions are languages that once you can understand, you know exactly what your body is asking you to do.

After this first week, you’ll be amazed at what I’ve helped you understand about yourself, the changes we can make instantly will show you the wisdom of your body, and you’ll be expecting miracles.

Trust me.

We will see them.

The second week we delve into the body and its language (symptoms) we have to start at the body and work our way up. True healing happens when we cover all 3 languages, but most of the symptom relief and quality of life improvements happen here.

What does that mean?

  • Chemically improved mood → more motivation → faster results
  • Less pain and inflammation → more activity → enjoy life more
  • Reduce medications → save money → do the things you love!

The first 2 weeks are very ‘wow factor’ we see a lot of changes and improvements in a short amount of time. As I teach you how to read these symptoms and understand what they’re telling you, we implement the changes IMMEDIATELY. And of course, I’m there to guide you through anything unexpected as we make these changes.

Week three we move into the mind; thoughts and mindset. We have so much to cover here. Self sabotage, limiting beliefs, distorted patterns of thinking and how that manifests in our behaviour, we tackle it all. Our thoughts tell us a lot about ourselves. By understanding our thoughts, we understand our behaviour – before all action comes thought. Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Never doing something you really desire to do, or a goal you just don’t know how to step towards? If our conscious mind and subconscious mind have different goals, your subconscious will win EVERY time.

Once we fix this, what does this look like?

  • No self sabotage → progress towards your goals → achievement, approval, adoration, status
  • Less limiting beliefs → improved self image → more self confidence
  • Improved thought patterns → healthy habits and routines  → effortless productivity, weightloss, stick to healing plan

We will bring alignment in that first week, and I teach you how to maintain alignment in the third.

The third and final week. Exciting!

Emotions are the language of the soul. A wise man once said:

Beauty speaks in emotion
Intuition speaks in emotions
Inspiration speaks in emotion.
Not feeling denies access to all of this

  – Billy Dickinson

This is the realm of trauma. We often cannot see TRUE resolution of many illnesses until we tackle the emotional root cause. Childhood trauma, abuse, neglect. Anything that forces to us feel emotions we cannot handle causes trauma. We ‘store’ these emotions until we are later able to process them – this week is all about that. Learning what our emotions have to tell is the most valuable skill I can teach you here. Your emotions are a compass, they guide you on your life’s journey. What does it look like?

  • How to pursue your life’s purpose → fulfilling career and connections → Amazing relationships, financial abundance
  • Reading intuition → quick and intuitive decision making → synchronicities, coincidences, in alignment with the universe
  • Integration of fragmented consciousness → TRUE healing → awareness, understanding, compassion. True objective reality; enlightenment

I’ll be the first to say, big promises ey? Enlightenment? Ill be honest, it’s a road that could take you years, but I’ll get you walking. I’ll deliver on my end and it would be nothing less than my hearts desire, my life’s purpose, my absolute pleasure to serve you. We can change everything.

Table of contents:

Week 1

  • All about you – I learn as much as I can about you, and you’ll probably be surprised how much you learn about yourself too!
  • We discuss what we change – diet, mindset, routines, meal timings,  and so much more.
  • Why we do it – go more indepth and apply the symptom blueprint to explain how it works as an example for later lessons.
  • Why we tackle these problems in the order we do – physical, followed by the mental and finally the emotional.

This week can be turbulent as we make so many changes so buckle up!

Week 2

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Symptoms – the language of the physical body
  • Chemicals – how they control us
  • Hormones – our endogenous chemicals
  • The 5 pillars to a healthy gut
  • Probiotics
  • Detox and detox support
  • Supplements if necessary

Week 3

  • Mindset evaluation – where are we at?
  • Mental analysis – investigating self limiting beliefs
  • Behavioural analysis – observe where our behaviours are not in alignment with our desired destination.
  • Why your thoughts always serve you – how we can use them to understand and your behavior.
  • Tackling these thoughts and behaviours – rewiring brain patterns, setting healthy habits and routines

Week 4

  • Emotional capacity – what it is, and why we lost it/ don’t have enough
  • Safety – the gateway to emotional capacity
  • Somatic experiencing – what, why and how?
  • Emotional Compass – intuition and how it guides you
  • Integration of subconscious aspects – trauma work on its deepest levels
  • Dissolution of shadows – tackling self sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours at an emotional level
  • How emotions always serve you – how we can use them to understand why you feel the way you do

This program covers everything I offer. I can’t wait to work with you!

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